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EFT Practitioner | Meditation & Pilates Teacher | Past Life Healer

My love, trust me when I say 'been there, done that'. I know what it's like to feel that my potential is greater than my current reality is showing me.  I craved to become the ultimate, elevated and alluring 'me'.  


It was only through my own self rediscovery journey that I truly tuned into my intuition, my inner wisdom and my internal compass. I knew that by uncovering who I was and where my past patterns had lead me was the only way to ensure that I could break free from the cycle of conditioning - whether it was through this lifetime experiences or past - and provide myself with a beautiful future. 


Combining my qualified knowledge & practical integrations, we will transform, evolve and elevate your genuine self from the inside out. Using mindset shifting techniques which are simple to incorporate into your everyday life, my method is unique, just as you are. We're elevating the wonderfulness you already have within and uncovering it so you can see it and live it. 


When you accept and embrace the totality of who you are, your world around you shifts to align to that vibration. This wisdom has transformed my life immensely, as well as my clients lives too. 

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No matter which phase of your self re-discovery journey you are currently on, there is always a benefit in seeking out guidance and support to get you where you want to go, faster.  


Using a combination of mindset shifting techniques such as hypnotherapy, meditation, EFT tapping, energetics and past life regression you will be supported, guided and encouraged to connect within to tune into and uncover your inner wisdom, evolve your mindset and elevate your life. 


Rising Unbound tapping is unique, just as you are. Together with Sammy, you'll be guided through the deep energies of your soul to release and reframe your life experiences, self perception and invite in joy, abundance and worthiness.

EFT has been scientifically proven to calm, reduce and erase anxiety, unnerving habits and more. 


Embracing who we once where, whether in this life time or another, provides us with unrivalled insights into who we have become and who we are becoming. PLR sessions are supportive, guided and safe.


Together, with Sammy, you will be lead through a relaxing mediative hypnotic visualisation where you'll be prompted to explore past experiences, persona's and elements to be acknowledged and released, allowing you to step into your highest potential now. You will have a deeper understanding of yourself and the value you hold within this lifetime. 


Lovingly created for you, Rising Unbound meditations will allow you to connect within, be at one with your breath,  return to your souls inner sanctuary  rediscover self and deeply transform your reality through visualisation, calm and elevation. 


kind words

I recently completed a hypnosis session with Sammy to focus on an issue I have been grappling with for some time. During the session, I felt very relaxed and comfortable under Sammy's guidance, and felt that I could trust her while she directed my thoughts and attention during the session. I found Sammy to be very gentle and professional and enjoyed the time spent with her. 

In terms of outcomes, immediately after the session I felt much more relaxed than normal, and focused on my specific goal that Sammy guided me through. In the subsequent days, this feeling stayed with me and I found a clarity which I had not before experienced. 

I think I would benefit from some repeat sessions with Sammy to maintain focus on my goal and ensure that I stay aligned. I would highly recommend Sammy's hypnosis sessions, both from a comfort perspective, as well as delivering results. Thanks Sammy!

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Hi, my love ♡

Just as we go through our life experiences, Rising Unbound is ever expanding.

If you wish to share your story with me, pop in to my inbox and say hello, connect and collaborate or share your suggestions for future offerings, please feel free to send me a message, below. 

Sammy x 

Thanks for getting in touch, I look forward to connecting with you!

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